Did you know that over 16% of Americans invest in Cryptocurrency?

Of that 16%, the largest demographic is men and women age 18-29. That means that as our population ages, more likely than not, your client will have Cryptocurrency in their investment portfolio. Not only that, an increasing number of retailers, large and small, are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Knowing how to properly prepare taxes for these clients is crucial to their success and yours!

It is time to take your crypto knowledge to the next level!

Whether your client is crypto veteran or a satoshi-stacking newb, tax is likely the last thought within their cryptosphere! That's where you come in!

The IRS has yet to issue full, comprehensive guidance on cryptocurrency taxation. As a consequence, we have to remain on the cutting edge of revenue rulings, opinions, and random IRS guidance, which can sometimes contradict one another.

Do staking payouts qualify as a taxable event? What about airdrops? Hard Forks? Wrapping? Oh my! How do I answer the dreaded Crypto Question on Page 1 of the 1040?

All good questions that will flummox a traditional tax pro – hence the need to seek out a firm that specializes in digital assets.

When that client shows up, do you want to be able to confidently assist them? Or would you rather continue referring the business to other colleagues, or worse... Just guessing?

This course will provide you answers to critical crypto tax-related questions to provide you with the foundation to set you on the right track to success in preparing most tax returns that have crypto investments.

This class consists introduction to cryptocurrency taxation, covering:

  • What cryptocurrency is: Basic info on the blockchain

  • Taxable and non-taxable transactions

  • How to report crypto transactions; and common cryptocurrency issues

In this course, we will also cover:

  • IRS guidance to include 2014-21

  • Current Enforcement Actions

  • Current revenue rulings

Meet Your Instructor

LuSundra Everett, EA

LuSundra is a movie and music lover, and is always up for a road trip! She’s a Veteran, a Military Wife and mom of 2 awesome military brats.

Mrs. Everett is an Enrolled Agent, the highest certification awarded by the IRS. She is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents where she is active on the National Membership Committee. She is the Director of Public Relations for the Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents.

Mrs. Everett is an expert in Tax Law. She is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, a Certified Tax Coach, and a crypto geek!

A sought after speaker and trainer, LuSundra is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Book: The Home Biz Tax Lady’s No-Nonsense Guide to Home Business Management. She has appeared on CNBC.com, NECN (Boston, Ma), NPR and countless panels and podcasts.

LuSundra is a video marketing enthusiast and spends a great deal of time connecting with her audience via Facebook Live and YouTube. Through these connections, she was able to build Everett Tax Solutions which is a virtual tax firm specializing in Home Business, Cryptocurrency taxation and reconciliation, business entity selection, IRS Representation and tax planning.

If you’re up for a little stalking, check out her blog at HomeBizTaxLady.com, or on Social Media as the Home Biz Tax Lady on all social platforms, especially YouTube!

This class will equip tax preparers to assist the average taxpayer dealing with common crypto tax situations.

We will also discuss tools and strategies to accurately determine and minimize tax liability.